How is as AMP website useful for startups

How is as AMP website useful for startups

AMP is the acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open source initiative designed to benefit the whole ecosystem of publishers, content developers, advertisers, creators and users. The main idea is that a stripped down version of the website is uploaded. This is achieved by 2 main points

  1. Limiting the use of java script and pre-rendering the content. Thus some of the finder navigation features will be compromised to allow for faster loading.
  2. By caching content, so that Google does not need to fetch content from the publisher’s servers every time.

A startup is mainly involved in establishing an online presence and traffic is vital. Slow loading of pages and complicated navigation puts users off and high bounce rates will mean that the traffic will be lost in the wilderness. This will correspondingly mean lower lead generation and lesser revenues. Further, with AMP, the servers will not be stretched even if multiple users are using the website or the service therein. This will also lead to a better user experience and value in the long run.

Startups need to act quickly and capitalize on available and emerging opportunities if they want to scale up, stay relevant and achieve long-term sustainability. This will mean that when they are going in for any online activity, right from website development to online marketing, they will have to do their research and have a robust framework in place. If you want some self-help, there are plenty of resources available on the Internet. But notable accelerated mobile pages examples and accelerated mobile pages tutorials can be found in

While AMP is actually designed for all screen sizes, in some platforms, it works best for mobile. Google has not yet designated AMP to be a ranking factor. But it may arrive in the days to come. So all these factors need to be considered by startups before developing their websites and they need to ensure that their response website is also AMP friendly. Online AMP generators like our website are also quite useful, offering ready-made solutions. This will ensure a faster turnaround time in going online or in revamping an online presence to comply with the latest of technology advancements.

Overall, we can conclude that AMP is emerging to be a vital component to website creation. Its use has been effectively demonstrated and it is just a matter of time before it takes on higher dimensions.

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