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What is the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project?

The mobile content ecosystem needed to be improved to deliver faster loading, easier exploration and increased user retention. The outcome of a discussion to this challenge was an open source initiative called the AMP Project.

How does work? is a free AMP page generation tool. Simply copy and paste the url of your existing website and process the same. Alternatively, just fill your data and download a ready-made AMP page.

What are the advantages of an AMP page?

Since AMP is exclusively for mobile and ensures that a no-frills page is quickly loaded, there is higher user engagement and retention and low bounce rates. This means that you can reach across to potential visitors and customers easily. Further, even if a number of users are simultaneously accessing your website, there is no drop in performance or traffic and server load is easily balanced.

Are there any disadvantages of AMP?

The main disadvantage of AMP is the fact that a fairly basic version of the website is uploaded. This can mean that Ad Revenue may be reduced and also that analytics may be a little hampered if not properly implemented.

Who can use the AMP project?

The AMP project is open to all and is an open-source initiative. Right from advertisers to creators and publishers, the platform is open to all!

Is AMP only for mobile?

While AMP was designed for all screen sizes, in some platforms, it may only be for mobile. More details can be found in

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